Grocery Companion makes it easy for you to keep track of the prices of your most commonly purchased items from your favorite stores!

Using the app

Adding Stores

New Store Button Your first step will be choosing your 2 or 3 favorite stores that you frequent. Click on the green store button and choose your primary stores.

You can also go here at any time to make changes to your top 3 stores. If you would prefer to use a different store for a while in your top 3, you can switch it out however that columns pricing will remain the same, so you will need to update it with new data for each product.

Adding / Editing Products

New Product Button Adding and editing products and their current prices is the fun part! You can either do this at home with the weekly paper, or with a recent receipt or while you're at the store with Grocery Mobile on your phone. Simply click the Green Apple Icon at the bottom, or the "new" button from your list.

To edit an existing product, you can always click the green pencil edit button to the right of any item on your list.

From the "Add Product" or "Edit Product" pages, choose the type of unit you will measure the item in, and enter in the prices for that item at one or all of your favorite stores. If you are comparing different products with different measurements you can use the easy conversion calculator at the bottom.

Your List

List button Once you have a few stores, and some products, you can proceed to your list.

Your list is where Grocery Mobile will usually take you when you first login. You can always add new products right from your list page by clicking the "NEW" button. You can also add previously used items from the drop down list using the green checkmark. Additionally, you can always add new products by clicking the green "APPLE" icon at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have a few items in your grocery list and you're at the grocery store you will be able to check items off of your list with the checkbox. Once an item is checked off you can also delete it from your list which will put it into your drop down to use for another time.

Anytime you need to update the prices for a product, simply click the "Green Pencil Button" and you will be able to edit the product's price and also the unit used to measure it.